About Us

LOUIS & JOY by Lindsey Mayes is a brand focusing on cycling bags and accessories made by hand in a small studio in Roseville, Minnesota. We originated in Marin County, California.


Robin Louis & Betty Joy, who are my parents, inspire and motivate me everyday. After my father passed away in 2014, I began riding bikes as a form of therapy. Since then, I’ve done cyclocross, road, and crit races.  Currently, I fully enjoy the simplicity of riding for fun with friends.


In 2018, bike camping was all I could think about thus I began sewing bags. The first bag made was a framebag, very generic but worked amazing for its purpose. From there friends begin to ask for bags and LOUIS & JOY has been growing organically since. 

Find us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube where we interact with customers, release new products, show “how-to” videos, and get your feedback.

I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to visit my store! My mission is to help people with their mental health through bicycles. If you have any questions please contact me at 


Have a wonderful day!


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